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Before anything else, I would like to say one thing – THANK YOU for investing into yourself, and purchasing the Vision For Mastery Quantum Leap Challenge. You’ve without a doubt made the right decision.

In today’s ever-changing circumstances, the fact that you’re here making an investment on your future self is incredible by itself – it also says a lot about you as a person.

These times might be uncertain, but uncertain times bring about huge opportunities. And you’re one of the few who decided to take MASSIVE ACTION, and capitalize on it.

The principles in the Quantum Leap Challenge are the tools you need in order to make a plan for the future you want to create, and get that “Quantum Leap” needed to achieve your desired future faster than you could even imagine. With an investment made on yourself and a powerful tool in your arsenal, you have access to more influence and power than your competition.

Now, I know most of you are likely looking to get more than just clarity and insights, you’re after MASSIVE life changes and attainment of every goal you have – for you, there’s an alternative; an expressway to extraordinary abundance, capable of burning a trail to your best possible life faster than any other road out there.

I want to now share with you an opportunity that could even further support that.

Let me start by asking you the following question…How much easier would it be to achieve your goals and dreams if you could think like a genius?

A genius like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison or Leonardo Da Vinci. In order words: What would it be worth to you if you could access the full potential of the power of your mind? 

Scientists estimate most human beings use only 10 percent of the brain's capacity so just increasing it 1-2% is enough to make your world limitless.

Now you may be thinking that opening up your brain like this or thinking like a genius is not really something that someone can do -that you have to be born a genius to think like one. Yet,  those beliefs aren’t exactly true.

There was actually a study on our genius capacity by Harvard University that disproves these false beliefs.

The 10-year long study, named “Zero Point”, discovered that 99% of babies – 99% of you and me at some point – operated at a genius capacity during the first eighteen months of life.

By the time we were 5-years-old, only 22% of us were still operating at our genius capacity.

By the time we were 20-years-old only 2% of us are still operating at a genius capacity.

This study found out that as the years went by, we found a way to shut down this genius capacity.

Specifically, there are 6 “super traits” that we shut down.

Some of the reasons are that we let the power of some very specific external factors interfere with our connection to our “Genius self”.

Is this reversible? Can we actually unlock our minds’ full potential again? 

Yes, we can. 

As a matter of fact, one of the most recognized minds of our times, Albert Einstein, is known for having done that.

When he was young, his professors thought he was a “goof off” and that he would never amount to much in life and his father would even call him a disgrace at some point.

The same happened with Thomas Edison. After only 3 months in school, he was told by his teacher that he had a mental problem.

Today we know him for having changed the world with several of his inventions. How did they do it?

They harnessed the power of the 6 invisible “super traits” we all have, and used it to create massive change in the world.

Mastering these 6 “Super Traits” is what anyone needs in order to activate their genius abilities.

Today, I’d like to offer you a one time opportunity to develop your inner genius, and in that way, have limitless creative power in this world.

The “Developing Your Genius” Masterclass will help you to master the 6 invisible “Super Traits” that will activate your inner genius, and help you become limitless.

These six invisible superpowers are within you, and once you know how to access their full power, the “Impossible” becomes possible.

And when you discover how to fully activate them, as you were meant to, life begins to take on a whole new dimension. These are the mental skills to navigate your way as you take your Quantum Leaps toward your dreams!

Mastering these 6 “Super traits” is the key to turn the “impossible” into “possible.” 

In this 90-minutes masterclass, I will go through each of these “Super Traits” to help you unlock their full potential:

Your Imagination is possibly the most potent faculty you possess. Most people understand that their imagination exists, but they remain completely unaware of how to use it’s power to transform their life.

I will help you discover how to harness your imagination in ways that will advance you toward your goals, dreams and desires with lightening speed.

Your intuition speaks to you at a spiritual level, and it’s strongly connected to the realm of infinite consciousness, intelligence and awareness.

It is when we are disconnected from our intuition that we feel "rudderless" in life.

But when you learn how to properly connect to this internal guidance system, as I will show you how to do, you’ll begin feeling more guided, purposeful, clear and confident about what direction to move in next, in any aspect of your life.

Your third mental capacity, will, is completely different than willpower.

Willpower is inconsistent and forceful, while your will is used calmly and confidently.

Your will is your ability to stay focused on what you would love, instead of allowing your thoughts to be pulled toward what you DON’T want. Maintaining this connection to what it is that you desire, no matter what is going on around you, is the secret to masterful manifestation.

Most people think of memory in terms of recall. But would it surprise you to know that your memory actually works forwards AND backwards?

Most human beings are never trained in how applying their forward memory can help support them in the pursuit of their dreams!

In this masterclass, I will reveal how to use your memory to “future pace” the results you want, so that you can then live into that vision for your future. We also guide you through how to play a mental game called “Back to the Future” that will help you take a quantum leap toward whatever it is that you desire quickly and easily.

There are two types of reason – “ordinary reason,” what most of us have been trained in, and then there’s “extraordinary reason,” which is what all highly successful people operate from, which is based on your infinite potential.

In this lesson, I share how you can apply extraordinary reason to build a life that’s based on the statement, “You become what you think about.”

You’ll also learn how working smarter (and not harder) is the secret to accomplishing more in less time, and with fewer resources!

Whether you realize it or not, you are actively using your faculty of perception in every moment of every day.

Most people perceive without awareness, and therefore experience life as a series of uphill battles. But by shifting your perception, you will have the power to turn even the most overwhelming challenges into insignificant road bumps on the path toward living a life you love.

Once you master your perception, I will show you how to do, you become truly unstoppable in life, and doorways of possibility open up around you in unprecedented and seemingly miraculous ways!

Unlock the power of the 6 extraordinary “Super traits” you were born with and enjoy a life of limitless opportunities for a very reasonable one-time investment of $27. Your life will take on a whole new dimension!

Outside of this offer, this masterclass is typically $79. Take inspired action now, and you’ll receive immediate access to our complete Developing Your Genius step-by-step masterclass for a very reasonable one-time investment of just $27.

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Hi there Change-Agent

I’m Ngan Nguyen, I work as an Intuitive Strategist that is committed to empowering you to create your best life and bring your unique vision to the world. Originally a Portlandian now turned Bostonian, I love personal development, spending time reading, writing, and learning. What I enjoy most is helping passionate and committed people like yourself to transform their lives, revolutionize their work, and create greater impact in the world.

I do this by bringing together over a decade of business strategy experience and spiritual principles of success in a cohesive way to create immediate results, meaningful impact, and fast-paced amplified success.

My passion for the knowledge and principles that I now share with clients came as a need that later became a passion. Growing up in post-war Vietnam, I suffered from every possible form of abuse. At 16 years old, was homeless after leaving home to avoid a challenging situation.

When we are pushed to our limits, we find out what we’re made of. I quickly realized that if I wanted to stop being a victim of my circumstances, I needed to create a new reality for myself. I decided to transform my experiences into wisdom, resilience, and bravery, and that decision changed my life.

At that time, I had a longing for more. More meaning, growth, and purpose. Eventually, this longing drove me to enroll in night school, eventually graduating, and build several successful start-ups in renewable energy while working on my MBA. This journey led me to a rewarding and exciting career in strategy advisory. Through this, I worked with business leaders of Fortune 100 companies and at McKinsey & Company.

Over 10 years in an advisory role with major companies allowed me to develop an expertise in strategy. Combining this with my love for personal development and people coming together to create something beautiful that inspires and benefits others, I now work as an intuitive strategist that empower my clients to step into their truth in order to create what they desire most in their lives, and in the world.

When we believe in ourselves, we grow. Growth and personal development go hand in hand with success. That’s why I help people who dare to question their realities step back into their power and create the extraordinary results they’ve longed to experience.

We need more people to bring their passion, humanity, wisdom, and mastery into the world. Are you ready to discover your purpose and create your best life? I would love to learn more about you and support you creating your own unique expression in the world.