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We’re living in an extraordinary era where dramatic civil and economic changes are occurring rapidly.

This can spark a new passion for change, but with it may come fear and uncertainty. 

Mirrored in our media that is scattered with fleeting good news…follow by some unexpected, shocking news that can drastically impact our loved ones and us.

What a rollercoaster ride – even the most confident of us are shaken.

But it is in turbulent and rapid times of change like these, that it is more important than ever to hold steady to protect what is most dear to us and move forward to take advantage of the opportunities that are present.

To build a strong foundation that can weather any future storms.

We do not know precisely what these storms will look like, but we can most certainly bet they will come. 

So the question is not, “what’s going to happen next”, but rather, “Are you fully prepared to handle whatever the future throws at you?”

Right now, I want to share with you a unique method used by many of the greatest figures in modern history that helped them attain unshakeable confidence, allowing them to live out a life of fulfillment, impact, and joy, regardless of their current negative circumstances.

If you’ve witnessed any of the news in recent months, you’ve likely realized that things are changing very quickly and often in a direction that does not look promising.

You’ve got the stock market rapidly rising, only for corrections to fight it back down. Crashes of well-established industries, fleeing of regions, parallels to the 2008 crisis, and predictions stating that there will possibly be worse.

Even if you’re one of the lucky ones who aren’t affected by this, there is still the other 99% of the population heavily impacted negatively by these unfolding events.

It’s been many years since the world was in a state like this. And even if we’ve learned ways to overcome negative emotions through dedication and practice, fear of the unknown can be strong enough to shake us to inaction.

Now more than ever before, it important to firmly believe in yourself, to blaze forth on creating the future that you most desire.

It is time to move forward and create your best life of joy and fulfillment, and the Structured Visioning Method™ has exactly what you need to manifest that into reality.


Mary Byers

Technology Entrepreneur

On the surface, she was a “successful” VP at a major corporation, but deep down, she was struggling and unfulfilled, knowing something was missing in her life.

“I completely lost my confidence with everything that was happening, and I didn’t know what I could do to live a more fulfilling life… if that was even a possibility” – Mary

Her dream had always been to run her own business, but she could never build up the confidence to take the leap.

Within just three months of learning and applying this unique system, she experienced a massive transformation and acted on her dreams.

She left her job and received support from many interested investors looking to invest multiple six-figures and more for her idea.

And now, she is making a significant impact in her work and in the lives of others — the impact she always longed for, sharing her gifts when it is now needed most.

She was able to gain massive confidence and accomplish all these things by applying this unique research-based Structured Visioning Method.

Olivia Sawyers

Modern medicine Coach

She was making less than $5k/month, and a longing for more out of business and life.

“Before working with the Structured Visioning Method, I felt torn between so many paths and it was frustrating. I knew I had so much more to contribute but didn’t know how to articulate that into a clear plan or how to move forward.

After working through the system, within weeks I started moving forward with so much momentum. I’m making progress on the business and feel like I can now focus because I have the clarity, support, and guard rails to keep me moving forward in a focused way so I can do so much more!” – Olivia

Within six months of implementing this method, she ended up transforming her business to work with change-agents, and even unexpectedly receiving money from other channels.

And also, she learned of a $500k piece of land abroad that had been passed down through her family and another $110k from a sale of a home that had been locked in a legal battle for the last three years.

Other goal setting or methods do not consistently deliver this level of results because they are incomplete and missing critical information.



…Imagine leaping out of bed excited to work on something you’re passionate about, relishing in the joy of each day with great health and a serene mind, while spending time with your loved ones.

In today’s circumstances, it’s easy to believe that this is a difficult reality to create.

Our confidence in ourselves and our ambitions can often plummet in the same manner as the stock or real estate market…

That is why the Structured Visioning Method™ was specifically designed to impart knowledge regarding how to not only rebuild confidence in yourself as well as your ambitions, but teaches step by step how you can fully actualize your goals into a reality, at a much faster rate than you ever thought possible.

No matter how large the obstacles that stand in your way are..how strong your doubts are about the impending future…

Or how overwhelmed you are from the daily responsibilities…how burnt out you are from dealing with constant stress…

Or feeling stuck doing work that keeps you busy but just doesn’t wholly feel challenging or right for you.

Are you running into these obstacles?

Your Results

You continue doing what you know how to do and what you believe you should but not getting the results you want.

Your Time

There isn’t enough time to do everything, you’re not sure where to invest your limited resources and you don't necessarily know where to focus your time.

Your Longings

It seems the only way to achieve what you want is working harder and longer hours and you don’t even know how that is possible.

Or Can you relate to all
or any of the following?


It seems like you’re pushing up against a wall to try to achieve your results, and just want things to be easier.


You have big dreams but some days you doubt it is possible, and have no idea how to achieve it.


You are doing what you love but not able to make the income you desire, causing a feeling of lack and constant worry.


You are putting in the hours and working hard yet not getting the results you are hoping to achieve, and it feels like it may never change.


You no longer feel passionate about what you’re doing, but do not know what is next for you.


You’re feeling exhausted trying to figure it all out, and not feeling inspired in moving forward.


For a limited time, this method has been distilled into a step-by-step Vision For Mastery Action Guide to make it easy to learn and is available at a substantially discounted price to make it accessible to as many people as possible in these challenging times…

But before I tell you more about that, I'd like you first to see how powerful the Structured Visioning Method™ is for creating the life you have always desired.

So You May Be Asking Yourself: "What Exactly Is A Structured Vision?

A vision is an image of a possible future, a potential - it could be your future, but not necessarily. When it is leveraged correctly, it can become a reality and enables exponential improvements in your personal effectiveness, success, and achievements.

But not all visions are the same. You need to source the ideas to create and work with it in a precise order, this is why a Structured Vision is critical.

Otherwise, it pushes you away from the results you want - making you think your desires are out of reach. Which is what, unfortunately, the majority of us have been taught to believe - but this is just not true.

The power of Structured Visioning is that it enables you to move forward on what you most desire.

When done correctly, it provides you with endless energy and motivation to quickly overcome all odds and obstacles, even when success looks impossible to achieve in your current circumstances.

This Makes Your Highest Potential A Reality Faster Than You Ever Expected

What would You Most Desire?

The principles Of The Structured Visioning Method™

Are based on more than 50 years of study
on the art and science of personal success

Originally developed by the Brave Thinking Institute, the premier transformational coaching school, it is the most effective and innovative process available today.

Used by some of the most prominent minds such as Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison, have applied these principles to achieve their levels of success.

The process is clear, simple, structured, and highly reliable - you learn what to do, how to do it AND in the right order - enabling you to be laser focus in the execution of clear blueprint for your life.

Clarity on your best path forward

Shows you how to create a detailed and concrete blueprint that supports you in creating your life goals while helping you navigate the challenges that are ahead. 

Know which action steps are yours to take next

No more vague and complex goal setting or "visioning" processes that never goes beyond, “just visualize,” but then not telling you exactly what to do from there. Structured Visioning show you the what and the how, so your actions towards your goals and dreams become focused - like a laser cutting through steel.

Gain more opportunities and resources

No more searching, looking for answers, and investing your time looking for new solutions. Attract the right answers and resources to you easily - things just flow more easily when you become aligned.

Have your community and support along the journey

Feel supported knowing you are part of a community of like-minded individuals. Through our online community, you can get your questions answered, receive inspiration, and share your journey with others.

A bit about me...My name is Ngan Nguyen 

I’m a coach and strategist, and just like you, I once didn’t know anything about this method – this method has been transformational for me.

I started at the very bottom, being homeless at 16 years old – studying these principles to dig myself out of a hole.

Fast forward to where I am at today. I graduated with a double Honors degree in Biophysics, and Bioengineering. Conducted nanotechnology research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I have built four successful businesses and spent the last eight years advising multibillion-dollar projects with McKinsey & Company and consulting with many Fortune 500 businesses…

As a coach, I have been directly mentored by one of the most recognized and experienced leaders in the field of personal development. 

Thanks to applying the principles I’ll share in a minute, she has become a highly sought-after expert who has spoken three times at United Nations Conferences with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and at other notable events, addressing the most significant issues our world is facing.

She now leads the premier transformational coaching school that has been studying personal success for more than 50 years.

So with regard to personal development methods, I’m a life-long student.

I know what works to help you transform into the person you want to become.

And more importantly, what doesn’t, and why – it’s more intricate than just visualize and push hard forward.

While most professionals and entrepreneurs spend their time working hard to achieve their goals and trying every single shiny tool or tactic they find on the internet.

The Structured Visioning Method is helping people to shortcut their path to living their best lives while enjoying the process.

Take it from Robert Swigart

A client who recently activated the power of the Structured Visioning Method.

He started working with me while already owning several businesses but was working very long hours — at the expense of his fulfillment and other important areas of his life.

After I introduced him to the Structured Visioning Method and applying this into his life and business, he has found his calling – creating more freedom and is on track to build his business to a quarter-million dollars. In addition, he is spending way more time with his loved ones with much more peace of mind.

He is now focused on scaling his business while achieving more visibility and impact.

Now you may be wondering, where’s the research that backs this up?

There’s a large body of evidence pointing to the fact that the Structured Visioning Method™ has been one of the critical factors in the success of many of today’s highly acclaimed figures and authorities.

My mentor spent more than 50 years researching these events.

The best way to look at its power is by looking back at the past and seeing the potential that this method has had over decades, not just a few short years.

As you’ll see, it’s so powerful - it has taken undervalued people to rise out of obscurity despite all the naysayers around them.

Take Albert Einstein in the early 1900s...

His professors — some of the smartest people in Europe back then — thought he was a “goof-off” that would never amount to much, according to Dr. Michio Kaku, a famous American theoretical physicist.

In those dark days, Einstein reached such a low point in his life, having so much trouble finding a job, that he wrote a letter to his parents saying that perhaps he should have never been born…and his father would later say that he was a disgrace to his family.

But everything changed for him when he started using the power of visioning and accelerated progress.

At a time when Newtonian Physics was the standard, Einstein knew that something could be improved but didn’t know exactly what.

He felt a desire and then leveraged his imagination to visualize himself riding on a beam of light and rationalized how that impacts the current laws of physics.

From applying this step by step process, he gained new insights, and later in his life, he came up with nothing less than the Theory of Relativity.

...Or the story of one more genius mind of the 20th century - Thomas Edison.

With only three months in school, he was told by his teacher that he had a mental problem.

By using the Structured Visioning Method, he was able not just to prove his teacher wrong, but become one of the most prominent minds in history.

Edison visualized a world free from the dependency on oil lamps.

He had no idea how to do it, but he had a longing and a desire. He then wrote down a vision that can be seen in his journal if you go to the Smithsonian today.

He wrote, “I will deliver to the world a system of illumination that will free the world from the dependency on oil lamps.”

It seemed like an impossible dream, but he studied with mentors and applied the Structured Visioning Method to make that vision a reality.

Today, he is now known all over the world as being one of the most prolific inventors of our age and ushered in an invention that transformed the world.

The list of people that have been able to use the power of the Structured Visioning Method keeps going

And the truth is that not all of these people are enlightened scientists or geniuses like Einstein or Edison.

They are an extreme example of what you can achieve when you practice this method for years.

But anyone that knows how to apply the principles of the Structured Visioning Method™ can unlock latent potential and create their desired future

Learn a life long skill that enables you to continuously create what you most desire

Once you learn this system, this knowledge is yours forever. You can use it again and again to achieve any goals you desire. 

Just Apply The Principle Of The Structured Visioning Method To Move Forward On Your Goals In Months, Not Years

It’s not working longer and harder that gets us our results. If our current approach can create our results, we would already have it. You need the right actions that calls all of life to your side and enable you to take significant steps forward.

Learn the art and science behind How To Create Your desired results

The art is in creating the structured vision blueprint – working with your higher mental faculties the right way to articulate a blueprint that clearly communicates to this living universe what you desire to create which pulls you forward to give you the best chance for success.

The science is in the structure and step by step approach that you take every day which enables accelerated progress to move forward and make your vision a reality.


We live in a very intelligent, orderly and structured universe. Whenever people go through times of experiencing discontent. Feeling like there should be more to their lives, but just can’t see a way for how things could change – it is a positive signal that life is calling them to a bigger plan.

Most people ignore this signal because they have no idea how to take these feelings and translate them into an actionable plan – making people think what they desire is impossible. 

One that can completely transform their current circumstances into the results they absolutely love.

Learning The Structured Visioning METHOD™ CAN HELP YOU ACHIEVE THE FOLLOWING:​

Increasing Your Sense of Deserving

If the power of the Structured Visioning Method™ sounds interesting to you, and you don't want to stay too passive in these times.

But OWN the power to break through any obstacles that life can bring to reach your maximum potential - and become unstoppable.

I have something for you that you will absolutely love...

I've made it simple, quick, and effortless to utilize the Structured Visioning Method™ so you can begin applying it’s powerful principles successfully into your life while following the Vision For Mastery Action Guide.


By following our personalized step-by-step Vision For Mastery Action Guide, you will uncover the core pillars of the Structured Visioning Method™ that will allow you unleash your innate potential, build up the accomplished life you were meant for, and witness positive transformational changes in your career, business, and life.

The Vision For Mastery Action Guide features the following four module plans, each one being included with two bonuses : 1) an information-packed explainer video, and 2) 50 pages of groundbreaking life lessons in a custom workbook with step-by-step guidance to ensure you understand every aspect.


Module I


This is where we dive into exactly what your motives are through analyzing your longings and discontents. You can rest assured that you’ll understand accurately where you’re at and figure out what’s holding you back from surpassing your next set goal.

Then, you will discover and seamlessly learn how to practice fundamental shifts in your current orientation that unlock your energy, allowing you to achieve clarity and immediately take action.


Module II


Within this module, not only will you attain greater understanding of yourself, but you’ll obtain the ultimate sense of clarity on your inner strengths, purpose, passions, and values that will effectively enhance your day-to-day, and provide you with the never-ending fuel to press forth towards your goals.

This will serve as the rudder for your ship, enabling you to confidently pursue what you desire most in your life, and make it rightfully yours.


Module III


In this module, you’ll be taught how to craft your own crystallized vision plan, a powerful plan that provides a sense of structure in your life, giving rise to crystal clear clarity. With its goal-achieving objectives, you’ll be pulled forward to accomplishing daily objectives, allowing you to pin down on your goals without any distractions.

You will understand precisely what it takes to map out your path to success, creating a straight line towards bringing out your full potential, without anything holding you back.


Module IV


Here you will discover step by step how to source and enact every action that’s required to meet the results you most desire. You will efficiently learn the necessary practices that allow you to determine every game-changing and crucial idea needed in order to make mind blowing progress towards each goal you have.

You will also learn how to move far beyond your internal resistances to change, deeply ingrained fears, abundance blocks, and inner barriers all that have been holding you back up until this very moment.

In Addition, You Will Receive The Following BONUSES To Support Your massive acceleration

4-Principles Video Course
(a $250 value)

We’ve crafted an on-demand and highly detailed lineup of videos that explain key principles and mindset shifts to implement that give you extra guidance and will help you succeed on your journey

Private Structured Vision™ Facebook Group
(a $500 value)

We’ve provided you with UNLIMITED LIFETIME ACCESS to an exclusive online community with constant support, inspirational content, strategies, and a group that will be there with you every step of the way.

Monthly live webinar and Q&A
(a $495 value)

Included, you’ll get a completely complimentary access to a live monthly webinar where we go into all the details of each module’s contents so that you’re able to have your challenges resolved and additional questions answered.

PDF copy of my "Self-Defined Success" book
(a $20 value)

You’ll get a free PDF copy of my recently published book, Self-Defined Success, where I teach you just what you need to know about the core principles so you can consistently progress forward with every single goal that you’ve set.

Access to the webinar recording and more
(a $250 value)

This content is made up of multiple downloadable contents and printable resources. Once you sign up, you’re getting instant access to all of them so you’re able to study anywhere and at any given time.

Discounted ticket to VFM Live Conference
(a $250 value)

Get an immensely discounted ticket to the Vision for Mastery live conference where you’re warmly-welcomed and immersed into the content while connecting with all the other movers and shakers at the event.

Over $1,795 in value


The Vision For Mastery Action Guide itself is typically sold at $129



So for a limited time, we’re going to let you choose the price. That’s how serious we are about helping you today (and ultimately, our world)

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And that comes With:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Up to this point, I’ve only shared about this method to a select few entrepreneurs who’ve attended my live conferences - the entry fee for those events being priced at $3,000 and higher

The best investment you could ever make towards achieving massive growth, is on yourself.

There is no doubt about the value that the Vision For Mastery Action Guide can provide to the lives of the people who implement it – it is certainly worth more than the original price of $129 for the whole package (since this can lead you to quickly overcome obstacles and create a new reality for yourself – anything you can dream up, you can achieve).

But $129 may seem like a lot to people that are still unsure about the effectiveness and impact of this, while struggling with what is currently happening in our world. 

So, for a limited time, you can get full access to this bundle and give this a try from three price options. You can pay $17, $27 or $34, that’s more than 80% off… it’s the lowest I can go while still running a sound business and be able to share this with as many people as possible during these challenging times we’re all going through.

And this comes with a 30 days-100% Money Back Guarantee… no questions asked.

How much do you desire a better life? You could either:

A) Make a small RISK-FREE investment towards your future today and move forward.

B) Ignore this once in a lifetime opportunity to accelerate your growth, and do nothing at all, watching your potential go untapped.

Take A Look At The walkthrough video here

The knowledge and support to create a massive acceleration in progress and results towards your best life – one that fills you with joy, fulfillment, and abundance.

ultimate Clarity

Get clear on your unique passions, gifts, talents, and offerings. Then set a compelling structured vision and learn how to get the right things done to achieve your growth goals.

expert Guidance

Dedicated coaching that shows you how to apply the strategies, ideas, and tools to your unique business and situation.

your Community

Make connections, get support, and build relationships with like-minded individuals that last a lifetime.

skilled Training

Gain skills to break your inner abundance blocks to the results you want in your business and life, and move forward to greater results and success.

accelerated progress

All course materials, including streaming videos, and guide books are within our online program page. In addition to an online community where you receive regular live trainings to get all your questions answered and support you on your way forward

Authentic Fulfillment, Peace, And a lived Experience of abundance comes when you're living out your full potential.

Move forward today with The elegant, repeatable, and reliable Vision For Mastery system.

Maria Cruz

Keynote Speaker and Speaker Coach

“Ngan is a force of nature! I needed support with business strategies and systems, and she more than delivered! She will show you where your strengths lie and help you to navigate the places, you’re unsure of. If you’re a small business owner, you need to hire Ngan!”

Rionach Aiken

Poetry Alchemy

“Ngan’s support has been invaluable for my business. She swiftly helped me get clear on the value of my services and how to easily create an offer for maximum income and impact! She will take you deep and generate results.”

Mary Sevika

Director of Holistic Health

“Ngan’s unique ability to help me focus, staying right with me, asking powerful questions at just the right time helped guide me to a focus that gave me valuable insight into my situation! The advice and experience that Ngan shared with me has given me all the confidence that I need to develop the life plan I have been wanting to be successful.”

Stephanie Owens

Empathy Academy

“Ngan’s combination of intelligence, wisdom, and empathy were a powerful force for teasing out where my life’s purpose intersected with my skills and experience. She was able to understand my business idea as deeply tied to the broader vision for my life, and quickly identified very tangible steps I could take to move forward in a way that honored the commitment I have to stay aligned with my highest purpose.”




The Vision For Mastery Action Guide itself is typically sold at $129

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You have one precious life – waste no more time struggling to figure it out and start living and creating the results you would most love to have for your life. Be empowered to move forward with greater confidence, joy, peace of mind, while receiving the support and abundance you know is yours to claim. 

Purchase the Vision For Mastery Action Guide today from the three price options above to get started.

The principles in the Structured Visioning Method is based on 50 years of intensive research into the art and science of personal success – what really makes successful people successful in all areas of their life. Originally developed by the Brave Thinking Institute, the premier transformational coaching school after studying the lives of the most successful leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers today

Absolutely. The system works if you work it – so it depends on your commitment. This was originally developed by the Brave Thinking Institute has helped thousands of people all over the world create results they absolutely love, and it will work for you if you commit to applying it.

No prior knowledge is needed. You start exactly where you are with what you have. All you need is an open mind, willingness to learn something new, and commitment to take inspired action.

Having time is a matter of prioritization. If you have read this far, there is a part of you that is longing for more in this life, make time for that. What you don’t have time for is to spend more time doing what you don’t love while you put what you do love on hold.

Success in self-guided work is a matter of motivation and scheduling. I recommend blocking out an hour or a week at a regular time to go through each module. In addition, you will have access a private online community where you will receive regular support, inspiration, guidance to keep moving forward. Tune in and move forward!

Immediately. As soon as you process the order, you will have immediate access to the program page and I recommend getting started on the first module right away which involves getting clear on your current situation and using that to create your quantum leap plan to move forward.

Once you place the order by clicking below and completing the order form, you will have immediate access to the program page. In addition, you’ll receive an email with the log in information so you can revisit the page any time. On the program page, you will have access to the full program, videos, and supporting content.

After you process the order, you will be automatically enrolled in the next live webinar date which takes place on the second Monday of every month at 3 pm EST. As a client of the Quantum Leap Challenge, you will also have the opportunity to join future webinars.

multiply the amount of abundance, joy, and fulfillment you receive from life...

For a limited time, access the Vision For Mastery Action Guide for only $17, $27, OR $34


and that comes With:

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Hi there Change-Agent

I’m Ngan Nguyen, I work as an Intuitive Strategist that is committed to empowering you to create your best life and bring your unique vision to the world. Originally a Portlandian now turned Bostonian, I love personal development, spending time reading, writing, and learning. What I enjoy most is helping passionate and committed people like yourself to transform their lives, revolutionize their work, and create greater impact in the world.

I do this by bringing together over a decade of business strategy experience and spiritual principles of success in a cohesive way to create immediate results, meaningful impact, and fast-paced amplified success.

My passion for the knowledge and principles that I now share with clients came as a need that later became a passion. Growing up in post-war Vietnam, I suffered from every possible form of abuse. At 16 years old, was homeless after leaving home to avoid a challenging situation.

When we are pushed to our limits, we find out what we’re made of. I quickly realized that if I wanted to stop being a victim of my circumstances, I needed to create a new reality for myself. I decided to transform my experiences into wisdom, resilience, and bravery, and that decision changed my life.

At that time, I had a longing for more. More meaning, growth, and purpose. Eventually, this longing drove me to enroll in night school, eventually graduating, and build several successful start-ups in renewable energy while working on my MBA. This journey led me to a rewarding and exciting career in strategy advisory. Through this, I worked with business leaders of Fortune 100 companies and at McKinsey & Company.

Over 10 years in an advisory role with major companies allowed me to develop an expertise in strategy. Combining this with my love for personal development and people coming together to create something beautiful that inspires and benefits others, I now work as an intuitive strategist that empower my clients to step into their truth in order to create what they desire most in their lives, and in the world.

When we believe in ourselves, we grow. Growth and personal development go hand in hand with success. That’s why I help people who dare to question their realities step back into their power and create the extraordinary results they’ve longed to experience.

We need more people to bring their passion, humanity, wisdom, and mastery into the world. Are you ready to discover your purpose and create your best life? I would love to learn more about you and support you creating your own unique expression in the world.