Where to hide the ULTIMATE power and the MEANING of Life?

Where to hide the ULTIMATE power and the MEANING of Life?
Have you heard the story about where the gods hid power from humans?

This is an old Greek parable that made me think of one of my clients…

…maybe you’ll get something out of it too.


Three gods are sitting around, debating where to hide the ULTIMATE power and the MEANING of life from mankind.

The First god proclaims…
“Let’s put it on the highest mountain. Too high for humans to reach.”

The other two gods sigh and say,
“They run around everywhere. Up and down all over the place. If we put it on a mountain, they’re sure to find it.”

More godlike thinking.

The second god announces
“I have it! Let’s hide it in the deepest cave far away from their prying eyes.”

The other two gods sign once more and scold,
“You know what they’re like. If they can dig it up to sell it, they will. And they never stop digging, they’re bound to find it there.”

Some celestial minutes pass in thought.

The third god smiles, leans in, and slyly whisper,
“Let’s hide the ultimate power, and the meaning of life… INSIDE of them.”

This brought raised eyebrows… and he continued

“They run ragged searching the world. But they never look inside themselves. This is where we should place the greatest power and it will always be safe and hidden from man.”

The Greeks used parables like this to teach great truths.

If you’ve struggled to commit to the practices from the Vision for Mastery Quantum Leap Challenge, I hope this story gives you hope and spurs you on.

Remember, the real power is hidden inside you.

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