Judy’s Story, Achieving The Impossible

Judy’s Story, Achieving The Impossible

The quality of our lives is the function of the beliefs we hold, the quality of questions we ask of the universe, and the decisions we are willing to make.

 Often times, the limiting beliefs we hold do not allow us to tap into your possibilities which causes our unachieved dreams. To achieve our dreams, we need to tap into our willingness to be open to new ideas, solutions and possibilities. 

The DreamBuilder program serves as a bridge that allows us to access these possibilities. Based on 40 years of study of the most successful people and how they were able to turn the desires that they had in their heart into the landscape of their reality. 

Judy is someone who went through this program and while it is likely that her story is very different than yours, there is a lot that we can learn about how dreams are built. 

“To achieve our dreams, we need to tap into our willingness to be open to new ideas, solutions and possibilities.” 

“I’m never going to have this dream, I’m going to be stuck in this forever.” 

Judy is a single mother with two kids, a 5-year-old son and a 7-year-old daughter. She barely finished high school and with that education, could only find a job in a fast food restaurant. She worked there during the day while supplementing this by working as a seamstress doing alterations in the evening. 

Even with the two jobs, she was barely getting by and could only afford $500 to rent a one bedroom apartment where she shared a bed with her daughter while her son slept on the pullout couch. Judy is a good mom and her dream was to have a bigger home for her and kids but despite really wanting this dream, she kept thinking to herself again and again, “I’m never going to have this dream, I’m going to be stuck in this forever.” 

Judy wanted a better life but didn’t really know how to beat her current limits. Everyone gets to this place at one point or another, life is too hard and you really don’t know what to do. The pocket, bank account and salary all seem to say a different story from your dream. This was Judy. 

When Judy realized that her challenges were not easy to beat alone, she decided to seek support. She got a tip to join Life Mastery and met a coach to whom she started sharing her story. She didn’t want too much, just a better home for her family. Working with her coach, she first got crystal clear on exactly what she wanted. 

She wanted a three bedroom home for each one of her kids can have their own room. She wanted an older house she could fix up, a white picket fence at the front with a beautiful walkway, a beautiful backyard for family time and even a dog, an arched doorway, and even a fireplace. 

This dream turned into a clear picture, but Judy kept telling the coach, ”There is absolutely no way I can get such a house at $500, it is just impossible.” 

Her coach encouraged her to stay open to possibilities, ” If a part of you didn’t believe this was impossible, what you would do?” 

”Look for the house!” She replied enthusiastically. 

The coach told her to go and look for a house which seemed silly because she didn’t have the money anyway. She gave it a shot and this was the beginning of a totally new life. 

Two weeks later, Judy came back to the coach with a house offer but it was $900 a month and started to cry. It hurt more because it was so close yet so far away, she couldn’t spare $400 for the house. 

Judy wanted a better life but didn’t really know how to beat her current limits. 

”If a part of you didn’t believe it was impossible, what would you do?” 

The coach asked again. 

She couldn’t come up with any answers at first but her coach supported her in staying in the realm of possibilities and soon an idea came to her. Her idea was to write the landlord to share with him her story, her dream, and all the things she would do for the house if she could live there for the year at $500. 

Judy’s proposal of paying $500 for a $900 house was definitely not competitive. However, Dreambuilder helped her tap into the riches she could offer the house owner, her ability to renew the house into something better. She even drew a picture of the home and then mailed it off. 

After two weeks the landlord called her, and was willing to accept her proposal. He said, ”I don’t understand why I dong this but something in your application just couldn’t leave me alone.” 

Her bid had won over two others which had a full $900 proposals with a deposit attached. 

”Oh my Gosh! We are moving in 30 days”. 

”Oh my Gosh! We are moving in 30 days” she said to the coach as she explained the terms of her contract. She was to deliver a quarterly work report of her work to the owner. The owner would deliver the resources, all she had to do was provide the sweat and she could rent it at the lower price. Judy’s Story as a dream builder was only starting. 

With the continued help of her coach, Judy quit both jobs and opened her own business from home. The first steps were hard but after a few months, her business revenues soon skyrocketed. Judy took out a lease option on the home a year later and three year after that, she bought that home. 

Judy achieved extraordinary results because she learned a system for creating her dreams. Going from $500 a month apartment, no education with a job in a fast food restaurant, to becoming a home and business owner. Judy was more than just a DreamBuilder, she was a story of potential put into action. With DreamBuilder, she designed a blueprint for her dreams, put herself into a structure of support, transformed her beliefs, and made powerful decisions that bought her dream to reality. 

Most of us learn to ask very weak questions of the universe. What do I think I can do? What do I own? And such constricting questions. What would you do if you didn’t think it was impossible? This is what Vision For Mastery will help you tap into. 

You could be the next success story. Join my introductory masterclass today to learn three key principles that can help you achieve your goals and dreams faster than you had imagined. At the end of the class, there will be more information on how to go deeper into the principles that are shared. 

To Your Best Life, 



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