How To Turn The Excuses Into Fuel To Demand From This Universe The Life You Want?

How To Turn The Excuses Into Fuel To Demand From This Universe The Life You Want?

There will be no more excuses! Do you think you’re too old, too young, too new, or too introverted to make meaningful connections with people who can assist you in your career growth? Everyone should create a contact database. Anyone may construct one.

Excuses are fuel by fear. We invent excuses when we’re worried about how someone may react to anything we say or do. When a friend invites you out for drinks, you can respond you’re “busy,” or you might say “I don’t know how to” when you haven’t even tried. We all make excuses from time to time; here’s how to stop making them.

Excuses Are A Type Of Self-Sufficiency:

The question to ask yourself isn’t “What’s my excuse?” but rather “WHY am I making an excuse?”

In the first place, why do we make excuses? Laziness? Are you afraid? At its most basic level, an excuse is an explanation used to explain or justify why you can’t do something, a flaw you have, or a crime you’ve committed.

We make excuses because the discomfort of staying there seems to be greater than the pain of discipline. It appears to be too difficult or inconvenient to get up early, spend less time watching television, stop eating unhealthy foods, sit down to write or sketch, go out and meet people, plan an event, whatever your goals are.

  • Excuses Are Little Lies:

To our fault, we reject change and discomfort. We refuse our personal development and imagine that some apparent suffering is greater than the benefit of going for it. However, if we could shift our perspective so that the use was more significant in our eyes, we would overcome rather than tolerate the fear/pain.

What Is The Best Way To Break The Habit?

Recognize when you’re going to make an excuse and confront your thinking. Making excuses is an extra impediment to self-improvement. “Every day, you either improve or deteriorate as a leader. There’s nothing like a middle ground. Every action we take in life becomes habitual. If you make excuses in one area of your life, you will make excuses in all areas.” 

Allowing others to create excuses for you is also a bad idea. “Those who love us the most are usually the ones who make excuses.” “Befriend folks who don’t believe in it. It’s quite crucial.”

  • Maintain Your Integrity:

Remember that an excuse is nothing more than a lie. The more reasons you make, the easier it becomes. Lying, like almost anything else, gets easier with practice. Telling the truth, on the other hand, has a similar effect. 

Telling folks the fact all of the time is an excellent habit to get into it. Don’t lie if you don’t want to go out with a pal. Tell it like it is. Wouldn’t it be nice if your buddies told you the truth?

  • Set Clear Goals:

 When a deadline approaches and you have not completed the project, personal excuses emerge. You should create reasonable objectives for yourself, whether exercising, accomplishing a task, or drinking more water. 

Nobody likes to feel inadequate, so we invent excuses when a goal not achieve. “I’m too preoccupied with the kids to work out.” No, you’re not. Bring the kids along. Exercise with them at home. While kids are in school or napping, they can get some exercise. 

I used to exercise during my lunch hour since I knew I wouldn’t do it after work. Tell yourself that you should exercise for thirty minutes every day and work on that project for at least fifteen minutes every day. Cutting out excises is much easier when you set small, attainable goals.

  • Prioritize:

Spend your time, talent, and resources on activities that are important to you. Stop accepting invitations to do things you don’t want to do. Don’t waste your time if the person or project doesn’t excite or make you happy.

If you have people in your life who drain your energy, don’t give it to them. Would you please make a list of your priorities and work toward achieving them? Take steps to demonstrate that spending time with family is a priority.


We avoid taking the required risks for success by playing it safe. The reality is that we don’t get credit for being safe in life! The only way to discover our true potential is to take a chance, go for it, and do it. 

Taking risks is dangerous and challenging because it requires us to question the previous assumptions that have kept us safe. With our advisors, you can easily contact them to get in touch with them. 

Each of us has a unique narrative to tell, one that is rich in experience, strength, and hope. Every one of us has a reason for what we do? And the difficult part is recognizing them and using them to our benefit. We must be able to transform our limiting beliefs into our empowering reason or our why.

You have to enter your information and easily talk with the advisors for your personal development and coaching. They can easily help you out from that situation, and you feel comfortable speaking to them. 

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