Feeling Stuck And Strategies To Boost Creativity

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Sometimes Your brain feels singed, not just lightly toasted. You’re exhausted, and the stress makes it difficult to select what to eat for dinner, let alone come up with new ideas. Regardless of your current mental condition, people still want you to come up with innovative answers. So, what exactly do you do?

If you find yourself in this circumstance, I can’t promise that you’ll have any epiphanies. But I can offer suggestions based on my expertise as a time management coach and the science of how our brains operate to give you the best chance of coming up with some good new ideas.

How To Boost Your Creativity When Feeling Stuck?

Creativity is a muscle that can exercise. It has to be stretched, challenged, and pushed out of its comfort zone sometimes.

Creativity does not always come naturally. Short-term and long-term remedies are available if you find yourself stuck on a problem or unable to innovate. Here’s how to improve your creativity and get your creative juices flowing or join personal development and coaching institutions.

o   Take A Breather:

Endless to-do lists, meaningless distractions, and the pressures of everyday life can stifle our creativity. Dennis recommends taking a few 10-minute pauses during the day to unplug and daydream. He claims that merely allowing your brain to switch off will increase productivity.

o   Conquer Your Fears:

How long has something been since you did something that took you out of your usual routine? Pushing yourself to new heights by facing your anxieties gives you the feeling that you can achieve everything you set your mind to. It will help you enhance your creativity.

o   Get Some Sleep By Going To Bed:

Even if we believe that ideas come to us late at night, a lack of good-quality sleep might cause us to feel trapped on a project and lack creativity. Sleep deprivation may negatively impact our general health and our problem-solving abilities, and diverse thinking methods.

If we have trouble coming up with new ideas, we should go to bed, obtain a pleasant night’s sleep, and rise early the next day. This way, we’ll be well-rested and ready to start coming up with fresh and intriguing ideas without difficulty.

o   Collaboration Is A Great Way To Learn:

Curiosity will lead to innovation. When I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do with my life, I went out and learned a lot, read a lot, and talked to specialists. I’m not sure how the human brain works.

But it’s almost miraculous how new ideas arise when you’ve read enough or spoken with enough experts when you’ve gathered enough information.

Collaborating with others and learning from them may be just what you need to enhance your creativity.

o   Build A Growth Mindset:

Open-mindedness is one of the most significant characteristics of creative individuals. It indicates that you are interested in other people and feel you may learn from them. You have a growth mentality, which means you’re willing to put in the effort to learn new skills and expand your life and creativity.

o   Find A Relaxing Environment:

Nothing kills my creativity more than being tethered to a desk all day, in my opinion. Working where and when I choose has boosted my creativity tenfold as a business owner and freelancer.

If I’m working from home and get writer’s block, I know which coffee places to visit to re-energize my creative juices. Find a relaxing environment, even if it’s only a corner of your house, where you can think. If you are at work, then do follow the following tips:

    · Change the location: Think outside the boundaries of the conference room, meet at a favorite cafe, or go outside for some fresh air. And fresh ideas!

    · Change the props: Push the chairs away and hold a meeting while everyone is standing; alternatively, play music for yourself or your team, with fresh songs to establish a new tone

      ·  Change the agenda: use the element of surprise to keep people interested, such as starting the meeting with an unexpected icebreaker, even though everyone knows each other.

      · Change the player: Instead of the usual suspects, bring in a surprise visitor who can provide new expertise and experience to the work or problem at hand.


So, now that we know that dealing with creativity difficulties and breaking through creative blockages isn’t as difficult as we once imagined, what’s your first step? We were all born with some level of creativity, and the tools listed above can help us rediscover it.

If the above methods and techniques do not help you more, then feel free to contact us. Our experts are always welcome to serves you well.  

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