How to Create a Speak Up Culture in your Organization

How to Create a Speak Up Culture in your Organization. In a speak-up culture, employees are encouraged to speak up. They can talk about their fears, give feedback, ask questions, raise concerns, and suggest ideas without fear of retaliation or any other kind of harm. Employees, in general, desire to have a say in their …

Compound Innovation: Technology Bound Together by Human Elements

A compound innovation model outlines various dimensions along which creativity might be generated to eventually build a successful inventive product and/or service. Compound innovation allows us to develop sturdy and long-lasting solutions that are more than just a collection of technology. If we combine digital technologies to create solutions, we will be constructing our futures …

The Journey of Connections and Unexpected Growth

Being an Influencer is now one of the most popular career aspirations for children. It surpasses traditional career options such as veterinarian and teacher in the United Kingdom alone. In a study conducted on Awin of 2,000 parents with at least one child between the ages of 11 and 16, YouTuber and Influencer ranked as the 2nd and 3rd most popular choice after being a doctor.

Feeling Frustrated That You Have Hit a Ceiling

Feeling Frustrated That You Have Hit a Ceiling Are you smacking your head against the wall? Either you are, have been, or will be, you will eventually reach the ceiling. The sense of being stuck, frustrated, and not having enough time in the day is known as hitting the ceiling. You’re annoyed because you’ve reached …

My Journey of Entrepreneurship

My Journey of Entrepreneurship. Three years ago, after over 10 years at some amazing firms, I decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship to try my hand at creating my own consultancy.   What a humbling journey it has been.   The 1st year building the foundation, learning and failing at all the new skills …

Judy’s Story, Achieving The Impossible

Judy’s Story, Achieving The Impossible The quality of our lives is the function of the beliefs we hold, the quality of questions we ask of the universe, and the decisions we are willing to make.  Often times, the limiting beliefs we hold do not allow us to tap into your possibilities which causes our unachieved …

Increasing Your Sense of Deserving

Increasing Your Sense of Deserving. In order to manifest our dreams, we need to align our self-image with the life we would love living. If your sense of deserving isn’t wide and deep enough to hold your dream, you will fall short. How do you know if you deserve your dream? If you are breathing, …

Feeling Discontent? The stepping stone to your greatest life

Feeling Discontent? The stepping stone to your greatest life We don’t always know what our life purpose is or what our true path should be but we do get clues and that comes from our discontent. We don’t always know what our life’s purpose or journey is supposed to be or we may have so …

Four Steps To Activating Greater Abundance

Four Steps To Activating Greater Abundance Good news: you get to choose what kind of life you are going to live. Some people live ninety years; some people live one year ninety times. You can live a life pushed by discontent and unsettledness, or you can live a life overflowing with abundance. What kind of …

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Hi there Change-Agent

I’m Ngan Nguyen, I work as an Intuitive Strategist that is committed to empowering you to create your best life and bring your unique vision to the world. Originally a Portlandian now turned Bostonian, I love personal development, spending time reading, writing, and learning. What I enjoy most is helping passionate and committed people like yourself to transform their lives, revolutionize their work, and create greater impact in the world.

I do this by bringing together over a decade of business strategy experience and spiritual principles of success in a cohesive way to create immediate results, meaningful impact, and fast-paced amplified success.

My passion for the knowledge and principles that I now share with clients came as a need that later became a passion. Growing up in post-war Vietnam, I suffered from every possible form of abuse. At 16 years old, was homeless after leaving home to avoid a challenging situation.

When we are pushed to our limits, we find out what we’re made of. I quickly realized that if I wanted to stop being a victim of my circumstances, I needed to create a new reality for myself. I decided to transform my experiences into wisdom, resilience, and bravery, and that decision changed my life.

At that time, I had a longing for more. More meaning, growth, and purpose. Eventually, this longing drove me to enroll in night school, eventually graduating, and build several successful start-ups in renewable energy while working on my MBA. This journey led me to a rewarding and exciting career in strategy advisory. Through this, I worked with business leaders of Fortune 100 companies and at McKinsey & Company.

Over 10 years in an advisory role with major companies allowed me to develop an expertise in strategy. Combining this with my love for personal development and people coming together to create something beautiful that inspires and benefits others, I now work as an intuitive strategist that empower my clients to step into their truth in order to create what they desire most in their lives, and in the world.

When we believe in ourselves, we grow. Growth and personal development go hand in hand with success. That’s why I help people who dare to question their realities step back into their power and create the extraordinary results they’ve longed to experience.

We need more people to bring their passion, humanity, wisdom, and mastery into the world. Are you ready to discover your purpose and create your best life? I would love to learn more about you and support you creating your own unique expression in the world.