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Hi, I'm Ngan

I work as a strategist and empower entrepreneurs, change-makers, and leaders to step into their truth and bring their unique vision to life. With over 10 years of business strategy experience at leading firms, I’m dedicated to helping you transform your results, revolutionize your work, and create greater impact in the world.

How I Can Be of Service to You

To crystallize your deepest desires
into your highest vision and make it your reality


I bring you over a decade of business strategy experience at Fortune 500 companies and at McKinsey & Company, the top management consulting firm in the world.


I’m certified by the Brave Thinking Institute, the premier transformational coaching school that has been studying the art and science of personal success for the last 50 years.


My strategy advisory experience combined with universal principles of success in a cohesive way creates immediate results, meaningful impact, and fast-paced amplified success for you.

Anyone Can Dream
But not Everyone Achieves it

I would love to help you live out your passion and create your greatest life so you can bring forward your unique expression in the world.

For the

Driven and Altruistic Individual

constantly looking for change…

Those with a desire to

Create Change and
Make a Bigger Impact…

who dare to challenge their realities.

You have decided to step back into authenticity
to create a life of meaning and purpose.

You have the vision, the desire, and the power to change their world.

Everything I do is to empower you to achieve what you desire most so you can achieve what you feel called to create in order to create your unique impact and mastery.

Work With Me Through A Proven System

Be More. Do More. Live More.
Create What you're meant to achieve in the world.

Vision for Mastery Accelerator Program

Vision for Mastery™ is a one-of-a-kind program based on 50 years of intensive research into the art and science of personal success to discover what really makes people successful in all areas of life.

Vision for Mastery Coaching Programs

It’s the most powerful and innovative process available today for quickly and permanently transforming ANY goal, dream, or desire into reality.
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The Quantum Leap Method

Only when we pursue our own path will the journey and the destination bring authentic joy and fulfillment. Take the Quantum Leap Challenge to gain clarity on your unique path and move confidently forward.

Learn The Quantum Leap Method

You will be guided to create your best vision of full spectrum success, develop your genius mental faculties, and learn how to source inspired actions in order to take quantum leaps towards your dreams.
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Vision for Mastery Action Guide

An action guide that will help you crystallize your goals into a powerful vision. One that is aligned with your purpose, passions, beliefs, and gifts. A weak goal creates weak results, while no goal, or not knowing how to achieve it, keeps us stuck.

Vision for Mastery Action Guide

But a powerful vision, in alignment with your core values. Joyfully formed and strategically crafted, can propel you towards any result you long for. Learn how to develop that and take inspired action in this Action Guide.
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Vision for Mastery Virtual

Join other movers and shakers at one of my live events taking place at various locations around the country. During this inspiring and immersive event, you will learn the core principles of Vision for Mastery™.

Vision for Mastery Live

This event will empower you to create meaningful lives and businesses that create the impact you’ve always wanted.
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21-Days One Million Steps Challenge

Reconnect with the magic and mystical adventure of everyday by experiencing the legendary pilgrimage of Camino de Santiago, the 1,000 year old pilgrimage across the Northern part of Spain over the course of 21-Days.

Experience the Camino de Santiago

This challenge will help you gain greater clarity on what you most deeply desire for your life and be able to walk through each day with greater love, joy, peace, and purposefulness.
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Business and Strategy Consulting

For business leaders and organizations, I offer coaching and consulting services through my work with Cintamani Group and SmartUP Global Partners. Bringing together strategy consulting expertise,...

Leadership Development

...proprietary digital tools, and leadership development, in addition to awareness, consciousness and empowerment tools, I create an effective approach to success. Please visit the company site to learn more.
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Let's Work Together

Give Yourself The Best Chance For Success

I will bring you over 10 years of strategic advisory and universal principles of success that will absolutely skyrocket your results. 

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New guide reveals how anyone can forge unshakeable confidence to attract the life of greater abundance, joy, and fulfillment they are meant to live today.

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Learn more about my approach here: New guide reveals how anyone can forge unshakeable confidence to attract the life of greater abundance, joy, and fulfillment they are meant to live today.

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