Professional Coaching with Ngan H. Nguyen

I help people who want to build or grow mission oriented businesses achieve rapid and sustainable business growth so that they can experience more impact, influence, and success.

You sense deeper potentials for your life and a desire to have more influence and impact. A life where you are your best self, and doing work that feels aligned with who you are and all your passions and desires, talents, and gifts. A life where you are fulfilled in all domains, know that you are the best leader you can be, and have the influence you desire at work and in your community. This is the path of your best life, one that is uniquely yours.

You can be anyone you want to be. Create and live the grandest vision for your life. Endeavor to live your best life.

Success in any venture requires the right mindset, tools & strategies, systems, and support. Through coaching, I help clients implement these four critical dimensions in their life that enables them to achieve anything they desire. As a certified coach with Mary Morrissey and Eben Pagan, I put a lot of emphasis on achieving full-spectrum wealth, which is success in all dimensions of life while achieving business success. I believe it is only with a holistic approach that the foundations of our lives will be sound enough that we can experience authentic joy, success, and happiness. My conviction is that this is a brilliantly loving universe that wants us to have fun, and be able to create our deeper desires with ease. My coaching system helps client achieve tremendous success and results, without compromising any dimensions of their life, and doing it with joy and ease.

  • Stephanie Owens
    Ngan’s combination of intelligence, wisdom and empathy were a powerful force for teasing out where my life’s purpose intersected with my skills and experience. She was able to understand my business idea as deeply tied to the broader vision for my life, and quickly identified very tangible steps I could take to move forward in a way that honored the commitment I have to stay aligned with my highest purpose. Her insightful, tactical guidance inspired the significant progress I made on my project within days of our coaching session---what a gift!
    Stephanie Owens
    Founder & Director, Empathy Academy
  • Catherine Coombes
    The results I achieved from a coaching session with Ngan are clarity around my values, and the reason why I feel it is so important to release my book of courage to the world which will tremendously help me in creating my book. Ngan has exquisite deep listening skills. She is able to really see you and get your vision. She then able to help create structures to achieve your project. I strongly recommend booking a strategy session with Ngan. You will gain many worthwhile ideas for life fulfillment.
    Catherine Coombes
    Marina View Apartments Gisborne
  • Rionach Aiken
    Ngan's support has been invaluable for my business. She swiftly helped me get clear on the value of my services and how to easily create an offer for maximum income and impact! What's unique about Ngan is her skills both as a brilliant business strategist and insightful coach that identifies and shifts the internal barriers that keep us stuck. She will take you deep and generate results. Thanks Ngan!
    Rionach Aiken
    Poetry Alchemy

Few words about me

I help people achieve clarity on the deeper potentials they sense for them self to create a vision of their best life and make it a reality. Empowering my clients to create richer, more passionate, fulfilling, and meaningful lives aligned with who they are and the work they are meant to do in the world. Through a proprietary coaching system, I can help you stir up your innate knowing and self-trust already instilled deep in you to create change faster than you ever thought possible.

Through a variety of in-person seminars, workshops, and one-on-one coaching to meet the needs of my clients, the principles and programs that I teach supports you breaking through limitations to achieve new heights of awareness, wealth, and authentic success.

If you’re looking to increase your impact, develop your influence, amplify your confidence, and achieve more happiness and fulfillment, I can help get you there. Contact me for a complimentary consultation.

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